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Name:YZ200-3000 Multi function vertial colomn machine
Introduction:The low-position work table can make the loading more easier. Double hand wheel and ontinuously variable speed control contributes much to convenient operation and processing. ...
Name:MBJ99 Polishing edge machine
Introduction:This machine is driven by gear so that the movement is more stable and balanced. The rail is designed without wearing because it is closely emerged into oil and attached by steel ba...
Name:QQY320*220 Three- dimensional bridge automatic cutting machine
Introduction:The machine is a preferred special machine for cutting stones and processing stone heteromorphosis. The machine applies to process marble and granite panels of large specification, ...
Name:DDQ1000cutting machine with computer
Introduction:The machine applies to cut and chamfer marble and granite panels, to cut and process hear stones, to mill cylinder stones, and to process curving panels.
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