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Name:OMC-DPS bridge type stone cutter with 4 pillars
Introduction:It be rolled in round pit to store the oil so that the machine can go on work in shortage oil supply or no oil supply.
Name:DPH Bridge type stone cutter with slide assmblies
Introduction:OMC-DPH2200/2600/2800/3000 Bridge type stone cutter will fit with monolithic or multi-blade in different sizes to cut the stone block.The lifter comprises of high quality cast iron....
Name:Single arm and four lead pillars type multi-blades cutting machine
Introduction:Single arm and four lead pillars type multi-blades cutting machine.It lifts with four lead pillars driven by oil cylinder.The parts and accessories comrises of high quality steel.Th...
Name:OMC-XL Marble--block Trimming Machine
Introduction:The marble trimming machine is best choice for leveling the marble block with high production.
Name:DPJ30 Multi-Blade Cutting Machine
Introduction:With creative and patented design, the new generation multi-blade block cutter increased the blade quantity, decreased blade thickness, simplify the structure of the machine, while ...
Name:QQ2500 Bridge type disk saw stone sawing machine
Introduction:The machine is mainly used for cutting rough granite materials into panels with the thickness of 10mm and above.
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